Right Now Kapow!

Over the past year I had the distinct pleasure of working as a designer on a super awesome sketch comedy show -- RIGHT NOW KAPOW! -- the first collaboration between Warner Brothers Animation and Disney XD.  I worked primarily as a character designer, and did some prop and background designs as well!

Check it out:

Game Over!

I'm not mad at this new Vans / Nintendo collaboration.

What you resist persists

So, as it often happens with contract-based work, and with life in general - when it rains, it pours.

Contract work can be (comically and infuriatingly) fast and furious when the gettin's good. Just when your financial situation appears to be falling apart at the seams, you're offered an awesome contract. You officially sign on and you're elated! Yay! You kick ass, take names, and chew some bubblegum. For good measure you take on a few extra freelance jobs because in that same week, you get two other job offers and everyone's coming out of the woodwork all at once.

Five weeks in, you stagger into your bathroom at 2am after hitting a massive deadline and housing an XL bag of peanut M&Ms.  You're still wearing the same pajamas you woke up in a few days ago and upon looking at yourself in the mirror, wonder if it's worth a trip to the 24-hour CVS down the street to find an undereye cream that will make you look vaguely human again. You ultimately decide on Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping.

On the flip side, when contract work is sparse, that's a whole different ballgame. Three weeks ago, everything was going so great you actually had to turn down projects, but suddenly freelance work doesn't even seem to exist anymore, and you've emailed, called and/or texted every man, woman or child you've ever done business with, with zero results. Your days consist of waking up in a frenzy of optimistic motivation; you cook overcomplicated meals because you have way too much time; you go for long walks; you clean out your spice cabinet; you still don't hear back from any of the men, women or children you emailed; you then proceed to spend the hours of 3PM - 4PM curled in the fetal position on your bed staring blankly into space and listening to self-help videos on YouTube until you realize you need to buy shampoo at Target. From 4PM - 4:05PM you internally debate whether or not you should shower before going out in public.

The past few months have been a wee bit sparse in terms of work - winter always seems to be. I busied myself with various tasks, not least of which was upgrading my portfolio site to this fancy thing! Thanks Squarespace! I'm a firm believer in the concept that mental resistance blocks certain opportunities from entering your life (or, alternatively, undesirable circumstances from exiting your life). "What you resist, persists" as they say.  As it happens, not a few minutes after I declared this portfolio site finished and shared it with the world, I received an email about a potential new contract.  Funny how that works, isn't it?  Anyhow, the good news is I'm currently starting to work on a few (very!) exciting things these days, and can't wait to share them with you and the world soon!

The Art of Clay: Introduction to Ceramics Workshop

A few weeks ago, I served as a teaching assistant at The Art of Clay: Introduction to Ceramic Workshop, a four-day event taught by Salvador Jiménez-Flores at the Harvard Ed Portal:

"... students learned the basics of working with clay, from two-dimensional mark-making to coil-building techniques. Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Harvard Ceramics Program Artist-in-Residence, took the class through a variety of projects in four days and each piece showed off the creativity of the students.

All of the middle-schoolers who took part created and painted multiple tiles and cups with their own designs, and they will be able to take home fired and glazed pieces to show off their work!"

This workshop was SO FUN!  I had never worked with kids in a teaching environment before, and Salvador was such an excellent instructor, so it was very inspiring to be both around him, the students, and the fun, uninhibited, vibrant work they made. I also gave my very first teaching demo at this workshop -- how to build and attach handles to cups!  Seeing the kids work encouraged me to do some more hand-building and carefree playing of my own.  When I go to the ceramics studio to create my own personal work, I am sometimes so sternly focused on improving my wheel-throwing skills.  I often neglect less serious, more fun clay projects that don't involve the pottery wheel -- and the fact that my initial love for clay started at an early age with hand-building.

After the workshop, we spent a few days glazing and firing the work (the kids did all the color work -- we simply put a clear glaze on top).  It was great to see everything come out of the kiln (in one piece! nothing blew up!).  The finished tiles, cups, pinch pots and small sculptures got lots of oohs and ahhs from the seasoned potters and artists at the Harvard Ceramics Program.  


If you know me on a personal basis, you are aware that I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Target. Sure, they have all of my basic survival needs like coffee creamer and glitter nail polish.  But they also have this:

No matter how earnestly I attempt to be an adult, food-themed items will always be my weakness. ESPECIALLY when it comes to ice cream.


Currently listening to:

Always looking for something to fill up my ears while I'm working. This album makes me want to put on a moody, flowing robe and explore a glittering cave full of gems somewhere in Middle Earth.

PS - Jim Guthrie's other work is awesome, I first stumbled upon his music at the end of an NPR podcast, and also recommend listening to his Indie Game Movie soundtrack.


Hello friends and strangers!  

Welcome to my brand new website and blog.  Because there's a blog feature and I'm feeling motivated after 2+ cups of coffee this morning, I'm going to attempt to post on a somewhat regular basis.  Please return here to read about my latest freelance projects, what I'm up to at the Harvard Ceramics Studio, and any other personal creative projects I manage to get up to.