Boston Red sox / wally's opening day

LET'S GO RED SOX!  Wally's Opening Day is a 30-minute special, produced for the Boston Red Sox by Take The Cake Productions and Hero4Hire Creative.  It follows Wally the Green Monster and his friends on their adventures from spring training in balmy Florida to the gargantuan task of preparing Fenway Park for Opening Day.

I served as art director on this project.  From oodles of character turnarounds (full baseball teams and crowd shots will send any animation professional into palpitations), to prop designs, to hands down the most backgrounds I've ever drawn in my life, I worked with an incredibly talented, dedicated team to make this monster of a challenge a reality.  As a Boston resident since 2004, bringing both the city and the magic of Fenway Park to life was incredibly important to me.  What a great experience, from private tours of Fenway, to meeting the groundskeeping team, to -- obviously -- eating Fenway Franks!  Gotta do some research before you draw 'em, right?

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