Good Thinking! is an animated web series produced by Smithsonian's Science Education Center and FableVision Studios.  Unlike the majority of animated projects I've worked on, which are often aimed towards kids, Good Thinking! is created specifically for K-12 science educators.  Each episode explores common student ideas and misconceptions about a range of science topics such as energy, chemical reactions, and natural selection, as well as subjects like student motivation and the myth of left and right-brained people.

This was my first time working with FableVision Studios, and it was such a fun experience. I served as lead artist on this project, designing background, prop and character designs while managing the series' design team.  Not only was I given a chance to work with the talented team at FableVision, this project also reunited me with many of the awesome directors, producers, animators and storyboarders I worked with on PBS Kids' WordGirl.

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